...Painting is one of the ways I can cope with the world. It's one of the means I use to exorcise what I cannot put into words. It's better to see things in colors and let go of things mixed together in paint than it is to express verbally to others. With painting, I can just let loose and experiment with all my senses working in silence. Whatever comes out comes out. The paint flows to form images of dreams, life's experiences, of people encountered, of stories untold, of lives in dire poverty, and of things I can't explain in words. I use a lot of dark colors because the world is full of contradictions, war and genocide. I see my people homeless, scavenging garbage, children living on the streets, in slums. After the Khmer Rouge, there was communism. After communism is a fledgling, but feudal democracy that doesn't foresee a future without a few cashing in all the time while most go without. My paintings are what you make of them. They depict a state of neither sadness nor joy. The eyes are usually large, looking at you. You will create the stories behind the pictures suggested by the faces, yearning gestures or the questions expressed in their eyes. They are stories about lives that are more than mundane, hum drum survival without emotion and feelings, fed through the mouth and not through the heart. They are stories of human warmth reaching from darkness into light.